Puerto Rico

In the Compass program, students embark on a fascinating voyage across the oceans, lands and sky, and through the realms of human knowledge, to explore many of life’s important questions.

Compass is a six-level English program for bilingual primary schools. The Compass program includes five interrelated modules for students.

Compass Language Log content focuses on explicit grammar and vocabulary instruction. The Language Log is accompanied by the Vocabulary and Grammar Log to reinforce learning.

Compass Reading Log, Phonics and Spelling Log and Writing Log provide a complete English Language Arts program based on US Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The Reading Log provides engaging stories and texts to develop students’ reading skills; the Writing Log offers a complete, guided writing program and the Phonics and Spelling Log supports reading and writing development.

Used together, the five Compass modules provide a full program of teaching and learning in US English for the six grades of primary school.
The Compass i-tools resources let teachers work fully digitally and 100% offline with the student’s material, as well as all teacher’s notes, audios and videos.

We're sure you'll enjoy using and working with Compass!